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  • What is sola wood?
    Sola wood comes from a tapioca plant root, known by many different names, such as cassava and yuca. This plant is a woody shrub and grows in tropical climates. These plants are extremely drought resistant.
  • How do I care for my arrangement?
    If you decide to store your arrangement, keep your flowers in a breathable container or a mesh bag. As Sola wood is an organic product, the material is susceptible to mold if not keep in an area that promotes good airflow. Do not lay on a flat surface for a long time, as petals may break or become damaged. Dust flowers to keep them free of dust and debris.
  • How long with my arrangement last?
    Blooming Wood Creations arrangements can last forever with proper care and handling!
  • What if I see an arrangement or item on google and I want it created?
    We can customize all our items. If there is something that you are interested in adding to your home or celebration, we can create it! We are available for consultations to discuss your vision and help bring them to life.
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